Membership Applications Suspended Temporarily

Special Notice for Club safety course enrollment

Due to the overwhelming number of persons wishing to take the Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club safety course in order to join the club, we currently have a backlog of over one year. Given the current uncertainty in the future of firearms laws and regulations that is a direct result of Federal Liberal Party (now the government) statements made during the past election, we are not in a position to further expand the safety course program processing capacity.
Consequently, we will temporarily stop accepting new safety course enrollments until the current backlog of enrolled students is diminished to only a couple of months. We will resume accepting course registrations at that point. Currently the backlog is over one year. The situation may change once we understand the future of the sport and we determine if course and club expansion is an option.

If nothing changes from a firearms law perspective, one should expect that we will once again be accepting enrollments in several months. We would suggest setting a reminder on your calendar to remind you to check for openings monthly as there is a high demand for the course and it will be first come first serve.

Note that the club is making special provisions for transitioning Junior members, family and expired members so if you fall into these categories, please contact the me at

Sorry, but the current situation is out or our control but we are hoping for the best.

David Bot
Burlington Rifle and Revolver club