Club Membership Fees

Fees are in Canadian dollars and includes HST and a mandatory CSSA membership. Payment can be made in the form of cheque or Online with Visa/MasterCard through the On-line Store.

New Members (includes course fee of $200+HST, CSSA insurance prorated by month and membership fee of $186+HST prorated by month)

  • Jan – $480 Full, $320 Associate (12 month membership)
  • Feb – $460 Full, $320 Associate (11 month membership)
  • Mar – $440 Full, $310 Associate (10 month membership)
  • Apr – $420 Full, $300 Associate (9 month membership)
  • May – $400 Full, $290 Associate (8 month membership)
  • Jun – $370 Full, $280 Associate (7 month membership)
  • Jul – $350 Full, $280 Associate (6 month membership)
  • Aug – $330 Full, $270 Associate (5 month membership)
  • Sep – $310 Full, $260 Associate (4 month membership)

Courses held Oct-Dec might be requested to pay the following year renewal rate on top of the listed rate:

  • Oct – $290 Full, $250 Associate (3 month membership)
  • Nov – $270 Full, $240 Associate (2 month membership)
  • Dec – $250 Full, $240 Associate (1 month membership)

Members are considered an Associate if there is a Full Member residing at the same address. Limit of 1 Associate per Full Member such as spouse, partner or child.

Renewals (letters and renewal invoices) are mailed/emailed early in the fourth quarter of each year.  Annual renewals are  due no later than December 31.  Late payment penalty fees ($25) may be charged for renewals received after December 31st of the current year.

  • Full Members – $250 (including HST)
  • Associate Members – $95 (including HST)
  • Junior Members – $146 (including HST)
  • Junior Associate – $93 (including HST)

In the event of a discrepancy between the letters/renewal notices and this web site published rates, the rates specified in the letters/renewal notices are deemed to be the correct ones.

BRRC Refund Policy
All annual memberships and liability insurance are not refundable. Durable goods (BRRC branded clothing etc) will be exchanged for replacement goods if they are defective or damaged.

Returning Members Policy

  • Members whose dues are one year past due are eligible to pay the past dues and may return providing they are otherwise in good standing. A late fee of $25/month will be assessed for the year.
  • Members whose dues are greater than one year past due are considered a new member and must retake the safety course by contacting

Insurance Fee Policy

  • The club cannot provide credit for CSSA insurance premiums paid to another club.
  • Insurance coverage is mandatory and forms part of the above fee schedules.
  • All members must have valid and current insurance and premiums for this coverage forms part of the annual fee.

On-line Payments

Membership and course fees may be paid on-line with Visa or MasterCard via a payment portal operated by the club. If you have paid in the past and have forgotten your account details, you can select the Forgotten Password link or you can make a new account to facilitate payment with no ill effect.