Updated COVID-19 Use POlicies

The Board of Directors is please to announce the following changes to the COVID-19 policies:

–          Effective immediately club operating hours for members will return to the pre-COVID hours (i.e., 24/7). Note, as before, guests are not allowed between the hours of Midnight and 8 AM. 

–          The washroom in the lower lounge will be open for use. Each member is expected to clean the washroom in accordance with the COVID instructions which include spraying disinfectant and wiping down all surfaces after use. There will be a clipboard with a check list with instructions please tick off the boxes and put your member number on the checklist. If the washroom is not kept clean, we will be forced to close it again which would be a large inconvenience to all members.

–          One Guest will be allowed on the firing line. Of the six ports now available during open shooting hours one port can be used for a guest with immediate supervision by the sponsoring member. It is the sponsoring member’s responsibility to supervise the Guest. The Guest rules for the one port being used will be the same as in the pre-COVID time.

Thanks from the Board

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club I would like to thank all members for the part they have played to ensure all COVID-19 precautions have been followed and applied diligently. This is a trying time for us all and your help, patience, and support during this time helps make Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club what it is today.

Just a bit more giving needed!!!!!!!

The members of the Range Burlington have now donated a whopping $17,330 dollars to the Joseph Brant Foundation!  This donation was very much appreciated and has been used to great effect to fight this pandemic.  However, our club target was $20,000 so we are just a little under our goal.  If you have some extra money and can donate even a small amount we can all pull together to achieve our goal.

Any donation is appreciated and we have certainly caught the attention of our elected politicians that we are a caring, generous and involved group of recreational shooters right here in Burlington.

Salvation Army donation

We also donated a well needed $2,500 to the Burlington Salvation Army’s Burlington food bank.  These hard working volunteers have never seen the need so great and are working to help those Burlington residents in need.  If you would like to donate directly to them their contact information is;

The Salvation Army
Burlington Community & Family Services
5040 Mainway Unit 9, Burlington, ON, L7L 7G5
Phone: 905-637-3893 x106

Please ensure you mention you are a club member as the Salvation Army has a great voice in the community and have reached out on Twitter, Facebook and to our Mayor and councillors about our support.

Together we can make a difference

Many people don’t realize that the recreational firearms community (sports shooters) consists of people from all walks of life including professionals, trades, students, retirees, men, women, boys and girls in all parts of Canada. While the media for the most part has inaccurately portrayed us and our sports, and vilified us by grouping us with the worst types of criminals in Canada or blaming us for the actions of those criminals, nothing could be farther from the truth. As a group we are Canada’s most law abiding and trusted citizens and have been trained and specifically licensed for the sports that we have chosen to participate in. We peacefully and safely practice our sports in thousands of clubs across the country.  There are many reasons why we have chosen these sports, a unique aspect of which is that sports shooting allows people of all ages to participate, from as young as 12 years old to well over 85, and the sports know no age or physical barriers. Sports in which a youngster can compete head to head with a senior over 80 with no handicap or special provisions needing to be made for either. All comers can compete on equal terms. Simply stated, our sport is one that someone can enjoy for their entire life and encompasses the entire demographic and geographic diversity of Canada.

Licensed gun owners are responsible and law abiding.  Unfortunately, due to the inaccurate and unfair characterization of us in the media and constant threats by uninformed governments at all levels to rob us of our lifelong leisure time sporting activity and to condemn and disparage us and our sports in the public eye, we firearms owners have maintained a very low public profile. However, all of the people that participate in the shooting sports come from many backgrounds and are compassionate caring Canadians, ready and willing to give a helping hand to those in need. It is time to make our existence known, and demonstrate the fact we are a group of highly motivated, caring citizens that are inspired to make changes in our world today.  We want safe, healthy communities more than most.

With the current emergency that exists due to COVID-19, many of our members,  licensed gun owners and proud gun club members, are the hardworking and admirable citizens currently on the front lines of the epidemic: doctors, nurses, EMS, police, fire, utilities, security officers, military reservists and a large number of other essential service personnel.  At the same time as some of our members are risking their lives on the frontlines, other members are motivated to help with donations of food, materials and money. It is for this reason that this website has been set up.

We at the Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club applaud the dedication and efforts being made by all front-line workers and as members of the recreational firearms community we want to help in dealing with this international health catastrophe in any way possible. It is for this reason and on behalf of the Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club, that I ask all members to make what ever financial contribution they can afford, given their personal situation. I realize that times are tough for many of our members, but we are asking everyone to please donate at least $20 toward our club effort to help the front-line workers. The referral will be credited to our club towards meeting our fundraising goal posted on this website. Please keep in mind that Contributions of $20 or more will receive a charitable donation tax receipt directly to your email address. The donation link for the website is http://jbhf.akaraisin.com/givetoday/brrc

To start this effort off The Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club has made a $5000 cash donation to Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation and more significantly has contributed several cases of hard to obtain personal protective equipment for hospital staff who are now dealing with the COVID-19 crisis first hand. Further, in the spirit of sportsmanship, BRRC is challenging all gun clubs across the country to make similar efforts in their own communities and to follow in our footsteps.  Let all Canadians see what we already know, that firearms owners are an active part of our communities and very much care about the well-being of our fellow citizens.

Please help us meet and exceed our funding targets. Together we can make a difference.

Best regards,

David Bot,

President, Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club
Email: president@rangeburlington.ca

Burlington, Ontario

Wanted: Membership Secretary

BRRC is currently looking for a new Membership Secretary and an Assistant Membership Secretary. Perspective candidates for these positions would require better than average computer skills and should be able to commit approximately five to six hours a week. If you are interested, please contact Ed Perry eaperry@rogers .com  for more details . Thank you

Emergency Range Closure

The range is currently closed due to a failure of the exhaust fan. This will be updated as soon as more information is available.

Update: Everything is fixed and the range is open again.

2020 AGM Information Has Been Posted

Hey everybody! 2020 is nearly upon us and the AGM is coming in March. Nominations need to be in 60 days before the meeting so the deadline is coming fast. Consider standing for election, your club needs volunteers to keep running!

Click the link in the top right for more information as well as a list of candidates as they become available.

Updated Guest Fees

The Board of Directors is happy to announce that effective immediately, the fee for guests under 18 years of age is $5. Fees for adult guests are unchanged at $20.

Please remember that IOUs for guest fees are NOT acceptable.

Range Brass For Sale

9mm – 8LBs – $40
10mm – 8LBs – $70, 100 pieces – $15
38sp – 8LBs – $50
40Cal – 8LBs – $40
44 S&W – 20 pieces – $10
44 Mag – 100 pieces – $35
44-40 Win – 50 pieces – $15
45 Long Colt – 100 pieces – $35
22-250 – 50 pieces – $25
223 – 8LBs – $30
243 Win – 50 pieces – $25
270 Win – 50 pieces – $20
270 short mag – 20 pieces – $20
300 win short mag – 20 pieces – $25
303 british – 20 pieces – $15
308 Cal – 50 pieces – $18
30-06 – 50 pieces – $16
357 mag – 250 pieces – $50

Please e-mail David & Janet at jdgagnon121@rogers.com to place order for availability. Will e-mail back, when to pick-up at club.
Taxes included in price. (Prices subject to change)